Federation of Holistic Therapists


The Federation of Holistic Therapists (F.H.T.) is the largest association in the UK. It carries global Recognition and represents over 20,000 professional therapists. The F.H.T. sets industry standards thereby ensuring best practice for Therapists and their clients. No other UK association has influenced the acceptance of Complementary Therapies in the UK more than the F.H.T.


Benefits of Membership

As a fully qualified therapist holding one of our Nationally Recognised Awards that are accepted by the F.H.T., you will be eligible for the following membership benefits:

  • As a Full Member of the F.H.T., you will be eligible for F.H.T. Insurance policies that are related to the beauty, complementary and sports therapy sectors in the United Kingdom. Thus you can practice with peace of mind, knowing that comprehensive cover (a standard £3 million) is available for a variety of treatments at an affordable cost.
  • Full Members are allowed to vote at General Meetings and to serve on the Governing Council of the F.H.T.
  • Members are supplied with a multi-discipline therapy magazine, the 'International Therapist' that has the biggest circulation in the UK for qualified therapists. This is a non-commercial editorial offering unbiased and expert information on subjects from Aromatherapy to Yoga. Published bi-monthly in full colour.
  • Members of the F.H.T. can enjoy the benefit of major savings (upto 50%) from over 50 leading U.K. suppliers through the Membership discount scheme.
  • Every Member of the F.H.T. receives a catalogue full of products commissioned by the F.H.T. for its Membership (e.g. association badged clothing, aromatherapy and reflexology charts, videos and couches etc.)
  • Members can call a free support line for information regarding treatment procedures, marketing and general enquiries (access to F.H.T.ís legal helpline and counselling helpline is provided for a small annual premium).
  • Access to the F.H.T. memberís site where you can communicate with other therapists throughout the World.

F.H.T Accredited Courses

  • ASET Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Diploma Course
  • ASET Level 3 Diet and Nutrition Advisor Diploma Course

TodayĎs clients expect Therapists to be professional. When they visit you, they want to be advised and treated by a fully trained and qualified therapist. Full Membership of The Federation of Holistic Therapists shows them that you are a true Professional. For more information please visit the F.H.Tís website at www.fht.org.uk.